Friday, 5 April 2013

Hello and

welcome to KLossMyRules
where you decide the rules!

This is where you are going to finally take control of your life and your nutrition. 
This is where you are going to finally ditch the diets, scrap the scales and cut the crap for good! 
And you’re in charge!

I’m going to give you the secret to successful, permanent weight loss, right here, right now, for FREE.

This is how you are going to change your life forever with KLossMyRules:

You follow my rules initially and then you tweak them to come up with your own set of non-negotiable rules by which you can live, which you can then share with everyone.

Ultimately, you have to understand that to be successful in any venture, you need to be single-minded about it.  So you need to come up with your own list of nutrition rules (not a million miles from mine) from which you will rarely, if ever deviate.

To kick-start your weight loss, I have drawn up a set of carefully designed starter rules that initially kick-started my husband’s and my own weight loss and they work. 

To be more precise, they worked for us.  And they will work for you if you follow them to the letter but they might not fit you and your life in the same way they fitted us and our lives.

So, as everyone is different, built into these rules is wriggle room.

This means that you will take the starter rules and follow them as closely as you can initially and then when you feel that the starter rules are embedded, that you have changed your behaviour on a deep level, you will begin to tweak them so they fit your life

When you are happy that your own KLossMyRules are working for you, publish them here to share with the rest of the world -

because, for someone out there, your rules might be exactly what they have always been searching for!

During the entire process, there are 3 laws you must obey and these are non-negotiable.